• Updated: Now supports the latest version of Visual Composer.
  • Added: Site Origin CSS Editor plugin. Watch Video
  • Added: Hook “exodus_inside_exodus_slider_scripts” that fires inside the javascript that is printed out for Exodus Sliders on posts or pages. Allows you to manipulate the slider Javascript object.
  • Fixed: On Exodus setup, the Exodus logo used in default headers/footers may not have been uploaded to the media library.
  • Fixed: site-styles.css is now loaded last. That means you’ll be able to override the default Exodus styles easier.
  • Fixed: Exodus Slider VC element was not pulling in the slide groups correctly.
  • Fixed: Exodus Slider VC element was not correctly resetting the global post data.
  • Fixed: There were a few styling bugs with the “Exodus Slider” admin screen.
  • Fixed: You’re now able to view all slides (even those not in a “Slide Group”) by clicking “View All” from the “Exodus Slider” admin screen.
  • Updated: Removed Ah So Designs branding from admin screen.


  • Fixed: Visual Composer Slider element bug that prevented the selection of a Slide Group


  • Added: Theme license keys powered by Easy Digital Downloads
  • Added: Automatic updates (for active license keys) powered by Easy Digital Downloads
  • Added: Lots of hooks and filters to Exodus Posts Grid views
  • Added: You’re now able to add custom Exodus Posts Grid views
  • Updated: All bundled plugins updated to most recent version
  • Fixed: IE9 bug in the RRSSB plugin
  • Fixed: bug with icon blocks VC element
  • Fixed: bug in the ‘exodus_custom_excerpt’ function
  • Fixed: Parallax now disabled on mobile
  • Updated: Minor CSS tweaks
  • Fixed: Admin CSS looks correct in WordPress 4.3
  • Updated: Make full width rows with a checkbox now
  • Fixed: Bug with Static Block VC element
  • Updated: Automatically populate Gravity Forms license key
  • Fixed: Bug with some theme options not applying
  • Added: Additional header and footer options on install
  • Updated: Exodus quick setup now sets up more default settings


Highlights from 1.0 to 1.9

  • sync tools
  • ability to create child themes
  • author boxes
  • admin styling
  • VC styling
  • Slider dashboard and default sliders
  • default theme styling
  • search page styling
  • infinite scroll
  • css cleanup
  • setup scripts to auto install plugins
  • theme customizer fixes
  • small bugs