The WordPress – Sketch
Rapid Prototype Kit

Leverage the power of Sketch and WordPress to maximize productivity as you (and your team) design and develop beautiful custom sites.


Sketch is a lightweight and easy to use design tool built for web design. In our opinion, it’s everything Photoshop is should be when you are designing mockups and prototypes for websites.  It’s vector based, has built-in grids, and lots of powerful extensions.


WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. It is so popular that 1 in every 5 websites is running on WordPress. It’s versatility, security, and open source community make it the choice for the majority of site builds. When you use it in conjunction with Sketch, you have a great toolset for your next project.

The WordPress Sketch Kit

The WordPress Sketch Rapid Prototype Kit includes the following pre-built components for you to use as you see fit.  Enjoy seven page templates on headers, footers, sliders, elements, blog options, and so much more.

  • Style Guide
  • Footers
  • Calls to Action
  • Accordion
  • Buttons
  • Message Boxes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Header
  • Contact Forms
  • Blog Options
  • Tabs
  • Google Maps
  • Progress Bars

Jump for joy with the stock image .gif and grab you a kit!